Why Seabed Acquisition


Seabed acquisition using multicomponent technology provides the ability to generate and interpret a true converted wave image. This volume provides additional attributes for better reservoir characterization and allows for fracture density and orientation determination.  This provides your production team with better resolved complexity and greater constraint of your reservoir model.

  • Enhance your seismic signal - With considerably less noise compared to towed streamer seismic, recording of broad bandwidth data and benefits of seabed multicomponent receivers, Seabed Geosolutions offers innovative solutions to your geophysical challenges. 
  • Resolve ambiguity in your geological model - By acquiring high fold datasets through optimized survey designs, Seabed Geosolutions reduces the effect of water bottom multiples, gas clouds and surface obstructions while simultaneously improving your seismic signal on low and high ends of the frequency spectrum. Better signal-to-noise ratio equates to a more robust dataset for your processing flow and a more meaningful final 3D volume.
  • Understand your reservoir complexity - Better illumination beyond 3D subsurface anomalies such as salt domes, slumps and tight 4-way anticlines, as well as detection and correction of anisotropic effects, allows for valuable insights into your reservoir’s structural and stratigraphic complexity.

Ocean bottom seismic (OBS) technologies are ideal for active oil and gas fields with dense infrastructure, high-traffic and obstructed areas, along with environmentally sensitive areas such as coral reefs and protected wetlands.