OBS Technology Solutions in Transition Zones & Shallow Water

Transition Zone & Shallow Waters

Seabed Geosolutions offers a comprehensive solution in challenging transition zone (TZ) and shallow waters using the efficient and versatile Manta® ocean bottom node (OBN) system. Manta offers a single node technology for acquiring seismic data on the seafloor in all environments to 3000 meters of water depth. Simplified, automated, safe and versatile, Manta allows for dense source grid, full-azimuth and long offset surveys from the transition zone to intermediate water depths. To learn more, visit the Manta webpage.

Seabed Geosolutions is a trusted leader in conducting transition zone and shallow water surveys in some of the most congested and obstructed waters on Earth. Our flexible node-handling technology reduces HSE exposure while maximizing operational efficiency in all seabed terrain and water depths.