Manta OBN - A Seismic Shift in Efficiency


Manta®, Seabed Geosolutions’ efficiency enhancing ocean bottom node (OBN) technology, was designed to meet the demands of all survey configurations to 3000 meters.  Manta is the key to unlocking the potential of ongoing source and receiver efficiency improvements as a cost effective alternative to a wide-azimuth (WAZ) streamer survey.

Manta benefits:

  • Highly efficient in all survey configurations up to 3000 meters of water
  • Flexible and innovative deployment methods
  • Cost effective alternative to high-end streamer data acquisition

Manta, a single four-component (4-C) ocean bottom node technology, was designed to work safely in all marine environments. This fully autonomous, modular system delivers superior geophysical illumination with flexibility for dense source grid, full-azimuth and long-offset surveys.

To learn more, see the Manta specification sheet.