OBS Technology Solutions in Intermediate & Deep Waters

Intermediate & Deep Waters

Seabed Geosolutions offers the following ocean bottom node (OBN) technology solutions in intermediate to deep water which deliver the optimum seismic measurement for sub-surface imaging, velocity model building, reservoir characterization and production monitoring projects:

  • Manta® OBN - A single node system for all water depths to 3000 meters, Manta is a highly efficient, autonomous OBN technology which is versatile across all marine environments and challenging terrain. To learn more, visit the Manta webpage.
  • CASE Abyss® OBN – An OBN solution with extended battery life and excellent quality control (QC) capabilities, this ROV-deployed solution is ideal for ultra-long offset projects in intermediate to deep waters up to 3000 meters.  The prolonged recording endurance and remote QC capability makes our CASE Abyss node solution a highly viable option for large survey areas in challenging deep-water environments. 

Whether your objective is improved resolution for reservoir characterization, improved repeatability for production monitoring or more accurate velocity models for improved imaging we have a geosolution.

Seabed Geosolutions is a trusted leader in providing intermediate to deep water ocean bottom seismic solutions. Clearer, quieter data enables well-informed decisions for the next step in field development.