Resolving Operational & Geophysical Challenges in 0 - 3000 Meters of Water


As a full-service seabed geophysical provider, Seabed Geosolutions helps resolve both operational and geophysical challenges with comprehensive solutions that leverage the talent and resources of our offshore acquisition teams.  Our geoscientists will help you evaluate and design a survey that takes into consideration your geophysical and locational challenges, HSE and environmental constraints, the illumination of your chosen target and your budget. 

Our versatile array of seabed imaging technologies, as seen below, include Ocean Bottom Nodes (OBN) and Ocean Bottom Cables (OBC).


In any offshore environment, we offer:

Seabed Geosolutions' offering provides an integrated, total project management approach, from survey planning and design, supply and rapid installation of equipment to acquisition.  In conjunction with our preferred partner CGG, Seabed Geosolutions offers the full spectrum of post-acquisition services including processing, interpretation, reservoir analysis and characterization.