Technology & Innovation

Committed to Innovation in the ocean bottom seismic arena

It’s not enough to be the trusted leader in seabed geophysical services.  Seabed Geosolutions is committed to providing the most advanced, efficient and safe ocean bottom seismic technologies in the market. Our Innovation team conducting technological solution development are comprised of some of the industry's most talented and experienced geophysicists, engineers, and programmers, engage with our clients to understand their geophysical challenges, and then devise innovative ways to provide the highest quality multi-component ocean bottom seismic technology available today.

But it’s not only about the technology — we continue to automate processes to deploy and retrieve our evolutionary systems safely and efficiently.  With an integrated project management approach and state-of-the-art technology and delivery systems for depths to 3000 meters, Seabed Geosolutions is in the vanguard of research and development for the next evolution of seabed seismic solutions.

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