Operating Management System (OMS)

Implemented in 2013, our OMS serves as the cornerstone of our commitment to managing potential hazards and risks inherent to our operations and to achieving operational excellence.

Utilizing industry standards and best practices as well as our internal expertise, we created a customized system that provides our project based organization with a systematic and controlled holistic approach. This approach is used to manage our operations globally with respect to safety, risk management and operational integrity.

The OMS framework is ultimately designed to define What is expected and to clarify How to meet these expectations in the form of processes, work instructions, procedures and guidelines.

The Seabed Geosolutions OMS framework is comprised of:

  • The Fundamentals:  These are four processes which are considered critical characteristics of an effective OMS and the foundation of which our system is built on.
  • The Elements: These include ten Elements which contain underlying principles and a set of expectations.  The expectations are translated into procedures and practices.

Operating Management System (OMS)