Our Environmental Standards

With our environmental standards, we utilize a risk-based approach to manage and mitigate the environmental aspects and impacts of our activities, products and services.  By maintaining a process of continual improvement in environmental performance our management oversee a variety of activities including:

  • Conducting environmental aspect and impact assessments
  • Developing project specific environmental management plans  
  • Reducing significant impacts to ALARP
  • Training, guidance and oversight for field personnel
Think, Then Act

We assess the potential environmental and other consequences of each new project, including ways they might affect communities and people’s health. This helps us to highlight ways in which we can contribute to local communities and protect the environment. The aim is to reduce our impact during the entire project life cycle.

Environmental Success Story

In 2017, we completed a 4-year long project in the United Arab Emirates. Part of this project was completed within an UNESCO World Heritage Site. We are happy to report that during the project, there were many positive environmental success stories and zero negative impacts:

Project Highlights
  • Established Environmental Team
  • MMO mentoring & training success
  • Effective MMO/PAM mitigation
  • Development of 10 new Environment Working Instructions
  • Zero discharge in the marine environment
  • Zero Injuries/Collisions with Marine Fauna
  • Successful Rescue of marine life (Dugongs and Marine Turtles)
  • Collection and disposal of discarded fishing gear (1700kg)
  • Monitoring of bird populations and discovery of new populations previously unknown to UNESCO
  • Collection and disposal of floating debris with onboard trash nets – fleet wide
  • Research opportunities – Seagrass & Coral scientific publications
  • Dolphin photo ID catalogue produced and provided to EAD
  • Environmental Awards System