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Trust the OBS Experts

Exploiting the ultra-deep hydrocarbon reservoirs of the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) has a unique set of challenges. Complex salt, high pressure and high temperature and deep targets cumulatively add to the risk profile of the project. An accurate map of the reservoir and route to the reservoir (drill-route) is key to mitigating these risks. It is widely recognized that Ocean Bottom Seismic (OBS) is the optimum method to derive an accurate 3D picture of the sub-surface. The full-azimuth, low-noise, multi-component measurement delivers unequaled images of the sub-surface and is the ideal input to rock physics-based reservoir property inversions. Operating in the highly congested, very active GoM fields with multiple surface and sub-surface survey vessels can be equally challenging. Over the last two decades, the OBS experts at Seabed Geosolutions have gained a wealth of operational experience in geologically and environmentally complex fields in the GoM.

Whatever your objective  ̶  whether exploration, appraisal or development  ̶  trust the experts at Seabed Geosolutions to deliver results in the ultra-deep GoM and other prolific basins around the world.  Developing your assets is what we do best.