Trust the Experts

Seabed Geosolutions has an excellent operation track record in a wide variety of environments that cumulatively add to the risk profile of a project.  From strong ocean currents, deep canyons and uneven sea floors, to obstructed areas with high value facilities such as pipelines and platforms including TLPs, Seabed Geosolutions has the expertise to  work in and around hazards and challenging seabed terrain, helping you mitigate the risks and lower your development costs.  From transition zones to  ultra-deep water, our ocean bottom node technologies and techniques provide the flexibility to acquire the full azimuth, low noise, multi-component measurements needed to deliver unequaled images of the sub-surface.

While infrastructure and other environmental factors are certainly drivers for using seabed nodal technology, imaging deep targets through complex geologic structures such as salt (pre-salt and sub-salt) where higher quality seismic data is needed to fully understand the reservoir is the primary driver in obtaining seabed over conventional streamer seismic.  Ocean bottom seismic  ̶  the optimum seabed measurement technology  ̶  delivers high resolution reflection images of the sub-surface and the ideal input to AVO inversion and rock property prediction, techniques which help to characterize the reservoir. 

Whatever your objective  ̶  whether exploration, appraisal or development  ̶  trust the experts at Seabed Geosolutions to deliver results in the Gulf of Mexico and other prolific basins around the world.  Developing your assets is what we do best.