Seabed Geosolutions announces that FairfieldNodal abandoned infringement claims filed in May 2017

On 19 December 2017, FairfieldNodal filed an amended complaint where it abandoned all previously pending allegations of patent infringement against Seabed Geosolutions and its Manta® ocean bottom node technology, after Seabed Geosolutions presented FairfieldNodal with evidence that FairfieldNodal's case lacked merit. At a hearing that day, the Court stated after submission of a schedule by the parties it would administratively close the case pending another hearing in the spring of 2018. FairfieldNodal is attempting to continue its U.S. patent campaign against Seabed Geosolutions by now alleging three additional U.S. patents against Seabed Geosolutions. Seabed Geosolutions believes that FairfieldNodal’s new allegations, like its original allegations, are meritless and will vigorously defend the lawsuit. As an industry leader in ocean bottom seismic, we have invested in industry leading technology and a significant patent portfolio over the last 20 years; we respect the IP rights of competitors in our industry but will vigorously defend meritless infringement litigation that is asserted against us.