Seabed Geosolutions to Deliver World’s Most Efficient Seabed System

Seabed Geosolutions announces availability of its first large scale 4-C Manta® ocean bottom node crew in early Q2 2017.  Manta, which leverages proprietary node technology, fully automated handling systems and innovative deployment methods developed in cooperation with Fugro Subsea, is designed to be highly efficient in all survey configurations up to 3000 meters.  Manta combines efficiency enhancing technologies to provide the industry a cost effective alternative to high-end streamer data acquisition.

Stephan Midenet, Seabed Geosolutions’ CEO, stated ‘We are excited to announce the availability of the world’s most flexible and efficient ocean bottom node crew.  We continue to see a strong demand for high quality seabed seismic data provided it can be acquired in a significantly more efficient manner. Manta addresses this efficiency requirement, opening avenues for increased use of seabed technologies.’

To learn more about Manta, please visit\Manta.