Seabed Geosolutions introduces FlexNode at SEG 2015

During SEG 2015 in New Orleans, Seabed Geosolutions announced the launch of FlexNode™, an express, on-demand service designed for projects with challenging time, geophysical or survey area constraints. This service, which has been proven effective in up to 3,000 meters (9,842 feet) of water, couples express mobilization/demobilization with leveraging a customer’s available on-site assets, such as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), to create efficiencies of scale and time.  FlexNode has previously been utilized offshore West Africa and the North Sea for several operators.

FlexNode offers a sparse node geometry with a high-density shot point coverage. While the number of nodes to be deployed is flexible and based on client requirements to illuminate the subsurface, most targets can be clearly imaged using between 200-500 nodes.  These nodes can be shipped to the location and deployed using the clients own assets available on-site.

Laurie Wigle, Seabed Geosolutions’ Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, explained ‘we are very excited to offer this on-demand service to help keep clients within budget constraints, but still meet their imaging requirements in a timely fashion with fast turnaround on processed data.  Seabed Geosolutions recognized the need for flexible node counts where clients can scale their projects around specific targets in highly obstructed and other challenging areas up to 3000 meters.’ 

Seabed Geosolutions' existing Trilobit™ four-component (4C) broadband ocean bottom node technology is ideal for the FlexNode service.  Trilobit has prolonged recording times and is a transportable modular OBN system.  A future FlexNode offering will include the compact and fully-autonomous Manta® ocean bottom node system with highly automated ‘no touch’ deployment system.  This single node technology in depths to 3000 meters can be deployed either by passive rope or ROV, making it ideal for the FlexNode service offering.  To learn more, visit the FlexNode webpage.