In our fast moving industry, investing in people is vital to maintain our position as the global leader in seabed seismic acquisition. We are committed to continuously educating and developing our most important resource – our people.

Our teams represent the decades of experience and knowledge brought by both Fugro and CGG personnel to the field and in our offices worldwide. By providing growth opportunities and industry-leading training facilities, Seabed Geosolutions aims to ensure that all staff are in the possession of the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver the most current, advanced and technically robust solutions.

If you are interested in a rewarding career at Seabed Geosolutions, please visit our current vacancies page to review current openings. All applications will be held strictly confidential.




Seabed Geosolutions has the benefit of using both the education centres of “CGG University” and Fugro Academy for a global and comprehensive training system.

An industry leading training program not only assists in the advancement of individual careers, but is an essential tool for providing top quality service and product excellence to our clients. Dynamic and flexible training programs are continually being developed and appraised to reflect the growth of the individual, the needs of the client, our business objectives and the development of new technologies and methods.


Research & Development Team

As the leading provider of innovative seabed geophysical solutions, we are committed to the development and application of the most advanced seabed technologies available in our market.

Our Research and Development (R&D) team comprises some of the industry’s most talented and experienced geoscientists, engineers and programmers who are engaged with meeting our clients’ needs and providing them with some of the highest quality seabed seismic data available today.

The R&D team is currently advancing a number of technology initiatives which will continue to be on the leading edge of safe and efficient seabed geophysical solutions in the future.


We are committed to ...

  • Employing the most competent individuals
  • Ensuring diversity and equal opportunities
  • Providing career and personal development

... with continuous training and competencies management.


Seabed Geosolutions has intercompany agreements with CGG and Fugro, appointments from these companies will be via all party agreement.