About Us

About Seabed Geosolutions

Seabed Geosolutions is the trusted expert in providing comprehensive, custom designed seabed seismic solutions. We leverage decades of operational knowledge and global expertise with more than 43,000 sq kms of 3D ocean bottom seismic (OBS) data acquired since 2005. Using pioneering seismic technology positioned directly on the seabed, we provide high quality multicomponent data that lets our clients make confident, informed decisions on field development to help resolve ambiguity in their reservoirs.

Seabed Geosolutions utilizes the most versatile and efficient ocean bottom node (OBN) technology in water depths to 3000 meters including our field-proven, next generation technology, Manta®. We continue to invest in R&D  to ensure the best, most efficient technologies are available to our global client base.

Seabed Geosolutions is a Governing Member of the International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC) and is committed to delivering the world’s energy resources.