Group Management

Our Management team is led by Mr. Stephan Midenet, CEO Seabed Geosolutions.

The general management of Seabed Geosolutions is led by a group of Executive Vice Presidents, with several senior support functions ensuring consistency across all activities.

Chief Geophysicist  

Group Management as of 1 July, 2016

Stephan Midenet

Chief Executive Officer  


Jérémie Le Moal

Chief Financial Officer


Laurie Wigle

Executive Vice President - Sales & Marketing  

Martin Hartdland

Martin Hartland

Executive Vice President - Performance  

Emmanuel Odin

Emmanuel Odin

Executive Vice President - Operations  

Erwan Postic

Erwan Postic

Executive Vice President - Operational Innovation  


Justin Mitchell

General Counsel 


Scott Platz

Vice President - QHSE  


Janell Zeug

Vice President - Human Resources  


Arne Rokkan

Chief Technology Officer  

Dr. Chris Walker

Dr. Christopher Walker

Chief Geophysicist